Aquadimm 3


The appropriate lighting of the aquarium is one of the most essential factors to consider when having fishes and aquatic plants. LED lighting is slowly taking over traditional fluorescent lamps in this area too. This can be attributed not only to its life-span and the energy-saving factor but also to its easier and better setting of colour composition and the intensity of light that is the most appropriate for the growth of the plants without encouraging the spread of algae.

Nowadays you can find LEDs from the whole colour spectrum so every colour combination is easy to realize. Controlling the light intensity of LEDs, unlike with fluorescent lamps, is easy, efficient and without any restrictions. We can find various dimmers for this purpose, however if we would like to control the lighting separately we have to purchase individual dimmers for each LED group and we also have to take care of timing for ourselves…

The aquadimm3 has three outputs so the intensity of the white, red and blue LEDs can be set separately.

The sudden change of lights is the source of stress for our fishes so setting and timing a sunrise and a sunset simulation is not only an aesthetic but also a practical step to make. This is perfectly feasible with this device, taking our own and the fishes’ needs into consideration.

Main functions:

Sunrise/sunset simulation

Adjustable light intensity changing curve

Cloudy weather simulation

Moonlight simulation

Relay control function with three outputs

Three high-powered light intensity controlling outputs

Clock, also working from battery (in case of power cut)